Fast Food Emptyness

Over the last 2 – 3 years I have been struggling to get off fast food. It has been a challenge on many levels. Convenience seems to be the thing that sticks out most in my mind when I try to justify going to big chain fast food. An as a single person that adds… Continue reading Fast Food Emptyness

Survival Street

New comic short run but amazing so far. Basically sesame street has to go on the run because society has gone completely crazy and the positive life lessons are now considered evil. Only read the first issue so far but really excited about this series.

Outer Limits 90’s

Recently found out about the 90’s outer limits and found some of the episodes online. Really great show can’t believe I missed it back then. The first episode really got into the head. Alien brought back from mars but dormant until a Scientist “woke” them up. The story progresses as well over multiple episodes. Looks… Continue reading Outer Limits 90’s

Best of Southpark list

Season 10 Episode 5 – A Million Little Fibers Episode aired Apr 19, 2006 TV-MA 22m Season 10 Episode 8 – Make Love, Not Warcraft Episode aired Oct 4, 2006 TV-MA 22m

DNS Basics

DNS can be very overwhelming and difficult to understand at first. It is very common to need to modify or change records for businesses. Email and websites both require DNS settings to work so having a basic understanding is good for any business owner. This is just a quick rundown and not meant to provide… Continue reading DNS Basics

Snagit For Screenshots

In any type of support department clear communication with clients is essential for both efficiency and to build strong lasting brand loyalty. I have found that providing screenshots and videos are a great way to both clearly articulate an answer or to clarify a request. I tried using several methods to provide screenshots to clients… Continue reading Snagit For Screenshots

Lightsail WordPress Setup

Recently I decided to try AWS Lightsail services to setup a simple wordpress site. I went with single site install because that is what worked best for my needs but there is also a multi-site option as well that is almost identical in initial setup. I picked linux as the OS and Bitnami WordPress install… Continue reading Lightsail WordPress Setup