Lightsail WordPress Setup

Recently I decided to try AWS Lightsail services to setup a simple wordpress site. I went with single site install because that is what worked best for my needs but there is also a multi-site option as well that is almost identical in initial setup.

I picked linux as the OS and Bitnami WordPress install as my option for setup. After that I simply selected my SSH key or you can also create a new one if this is your first setup. It is very important to store your ssh key securely. Although you can access through the Lightsail feature it is still always a good idea to keep ssh key safe secure for future access. After a few clicks of a button AWS took over from there.

Took maybe 5 minutes for the instance to be created at most and then it was time to assign a static IP to the instances. This is a separate feature and something that can be confusing for new users. You have to add this in order to update your DNS records so the website will load. Create a new IP and make sure it is assigned to your new instance. This is needed to update your DNS records and access your website.

Once the IP is assigned to the instance you need to update your A record at the register or DNS management service that you use. I recommend Cloudflare for new users. They have a free tier option that still allows for a free SSL certificate to be issued to your site which makes life a lot easier. This also helps speed up the performance providing a better over all user experience for website visitors.